Clean Around The World

An Emissions Alternative Muffler That Saves You Money!

Product Market

  • Exceeding Emission Regulations:

      • CO
        >3.5 g/kWh
      • NMHC
        >0.19 g/kWh
      • NOx
        >0.4 g/kWh
      • PM
        >0.03 g/kWh
  • 3

  • Clean Exhaust 24×7

    • Lab Tested
    • Field Tested
    • Eliminate Maintenance
    • Reduce Net Fuel Consumption
    • Reduce Noxious Gas Discharge
    • Continuously Oxidize Hydrocarbons
    • 10 years + of Research and Development
    • Exceed Regulatory Emission Requirements
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  • EURO 3


    EURO 4 / US EPA Tier 2


    EURO 5 / US EPA Tier 3


    EURO 6 / US EPA Tier 4


  • Product

    A proven highly effective heavy duty reciprocating engine exhaust-gas after-treatment system named Smart Muffler. The Smart Muffler system improves upon existing catalytic converter systems in both efficiency and effectiveness while exceeding current and future global emission regulations.

    The Smart Muffler delivers near zero emissions and improves engine fuel consumption with no maintenance down time required

  • Market

    We are focused on Stationary Natural Gas or Diesel fuel reciprocating engines for use as generators or co-generators in all countries especially emissions regulated jurisdictions.

    • District Heating & Electricity 
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Public & Residential
    • Hospitality
    • Education
    • Waste Management
    • Food & Beverages
    • Professional Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Agriculture
  • Application

    Exhaust Gas After-Treatment System for Stationary Natural Gas and Diesel Reciprocating Engines. Reciprocating engines are well suited to a variety of distributed generation applications. Industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities in the U.S. and Europe for power generation and CHP.

  • About

    The Smart Muffler team is leading the way in fighting pollution by developing innovative and proprietary after treatment systems that effectively reduce emissions. Over many years, our highly specialized engineers, scientists, and associates have developed state-of-the-art technology that has provided the technology foundation for Smart Muffler systems.

Interesting Facts

  • 70,000,000+ Generators Worlwide

  • Global Warming Potential Reduction

  • 3,000,000+ New Generators /Year